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The Egyptian Center of Organic Agriculture

ISO 17065
ECOA is a control body for inspection and certification of agricultural production and handling of agricultural products as well as wild crops. Established in 1998, it is classified, according to the Egyptian Law 95/1992 as a private, limited-liability, profit organization. ECOA is an independent legal entity; not affiliated to or part of any other organization. It is currently one organizational unit with no chapters or subsidiary offices.

On the organic farming side, ECOA is an IFOAM member since August 2000. ECOA is currently accredited according to ISO 17065 for the scope of agricultural production and agricultural products according to ECOA Production Standards and Control Measures. In 2014, ECOA has been approved within the EU equivalence system under #EG-BIO-164.

ECOA also inspects operations in Egypt with other organic standards; namely USDA/NOP, JAS, as well as Naturland, Bio-Suisse.

Since April 2004, the scope of ISO-65 (EN-45011) accreditation of ECOA has been extended to include the GLOBALGAP fruit and vegetable certification.

This website gives more in-depth information about ECOA and the services rendered to the agricultural sector in Egypt. It also gives an overview of the whereabouts of the certification process, from pre-certification early contact to certification and follow up thereafter. A clear definition of ECOA's regulations and policy are given under the "Regulations & Policy Statement" section of the website.

Egyptian Center of Organic Agriculture (ECOA)
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