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Client Appeals

ECOA clients and applicants who wish to dispute or appeal against any actions or decisions are encouraged to download and complete ECOA Client Appeal Form (Form ADM-040) and submit it to ECOA in person, by fax, or by email as described in Contact Us page. Upon receiving the appeal fees described below, ECOA will investigate the appeal and, as soon as a decision is taken or a resolution is reached, the client will be notified.
Download ECOA Client Appeal Form (Form ADM-040), PDF, 224kb

ECOA values all comments and suggestions. Existing clients, potential clients, or anbybody else are all encouraged to share opinion and thoughts with ECOA through phone, fax, or best by email as described in the contact us page. Should comments be related to ECOA staff, policies, rules, or regulations, it is recommended to download and use ECOA's Protest Form (Form ADM-041) to which ECOA will respond in writing, then archive the protest in an official register for protests. No fees are required to file a protest.

Appeal Fee

Appeal Fee is an advance amount paid to ECOA on filing of the appeal. This amount is fixed for all appeal cases as shown in ECOA Fees List. Please contact us to obtain the latest version of this list.

In case investigations carried out by ECOA realize the appeal as positive (i.e., new decision on the appeal implies reversal or change of previous decisions or acts made by ECOA), full appeal fee is to be refunded to applicant.

Unresolved Appeals

Should the resolution or decision concluded in the previous step be unsatisfactory, the client or applicant can escalate the appeal to the Impartiality Safeguard Committee, which is an independent pool of eminent agricultural figures as follows:

  • Ayman Abu Hadid, Prof., Committee Member
  • Hassan El Mahllawy, Eng., Committee Chairman
  • Mohamed El-Ansary, Prof., Committee Member

Client or applicant will submit the following documents to the committee:

  • Original Client Appeal Form (Form ADM-040), complete with ECOA's response commented and signed.
  • Exact document and attachments as submitted to ECOA with original appeal.

The Safeguard Impartiality Committee will investigate the dispute based on the exact details previously presented to ECOA. No additional documents or details should be submitted to the Impartiality Committee if they were not presented to ECOA in the first stage of the appeal.

IMPORTANT: Before Using This Level of Appeal  Clients and applicants are kindly requested to contact the Impartiality Safeguard Committee ONLY AFTER previous level of appeal is completed as described above.

Contacting Impartiality Safeguard Committee

Submitting aforementioned documents to the Committee will ONLY be through this email address:
impartiality.committee [at]
Appeals collected by the Impartiality Safeguard committee are investigated and the appropriate decision will be taken by the committee on the majority principal. These decisions will be informed via e-mail to both ECOA Chairman and ECOA clients and are binding to all parties. The Committee will not be able to consider any appeals submitted in person to committee members or in any way other than this email address.

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