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ECOA Regulations
and Policy Statement

The policies and procedures under which ECOA operates guarantee that no discrimination takes place, neither by the procedures nor by the administration. ECOA also guarantees that the certification procedures are not to be used to impede or inhibit access by applicants and that there is no hidden discriminatory acts by acceleration or delay of the processing of applications.

ECOA services are accessible to all applicants whose activities fall within the scope of operation without any undue financial or other conditions. The fees for certification are as published and in proportion to the size of the applicant. Access is not conditional upon the size of the supplier or membership of any association or group, nor is the certification be conditional upon the number of certificates already issued.

ECOA Policy:
"To provide the state-of-the art services to its clients in the field of organic as well as G.A.P. certification of agricultural products, according to international standards, to support marketing their products with the least cost and highest quality, employing a highly-competent staff"

The criteria against which the products of a supplier are evaluated are in accordance with the interested parties. The management system applied specific standards published by ECOA are in equivalence to the European Regulation EC 834/2007 in combination with EC 889/2008, together with ECOA Production Standard and Control Measures, and Codex Alimentarius Rules with respect to organic products. Also, in full accordance to GLOBAL G.A.P. standards of FoodPLUS GmbH, with respect to GLOBAL G.A.P.-certified products. Explanations and documents are formulated by ECOA with the necessary technical competence. The process of developing documents takes into account the views of the significant suppliers and to the public.

Quality Policy

ECOA acts as a certification body, aiming to support the development of organic agriculture and good agricultural practice in Egypt. Certification will help producers and processors to produce organic and GLOBAL G.A.P.-compliant products with a quality and conformity to guarantee access to European and other foreign markets.

To justify the confidence from the suppliers as well as the accreditation body, the following principles and aims are valid for all suppliers and members of ECOA:

  • Non discriminatory: ECOA certification systems are accessible for all suppliers (farms or firms). The certification body acts always non-discriminatory to all applicants.
  • Impartiality and independence: Members of the ECOA certification systems are impartial and independent in their decisions regarding inspection as well as issuing the certificates.
  • Transparency: All rules and regulations of the certification body are clear and known to the applicants.
  • Sense of responsibility: Every member of ECOA knows about his responsibility and the certification body guarantees its full responsibility regarding any activity he/she is doing.
  • Clearness of the objective: All objectives within the certification procedure are provable and in accordance to the described standard procedures.
  • Continuous Development: ECOA declares itself for further and continuous development of the certification body and its procedures. Basis is the communication with the world’s societies of organic farming as well as good agricultural practices, and the acceptance of the supervision of the experienced internationally known organization in the area.

To support these aims, ECOA has established a quality system according to ISO 17065.

Egyptian Center of Organic Agriculture (ECOA)
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