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Production Standards
And Control Measures

ECOA inspects and certifies organic production in Egypt in equivalence with EC regulations 834/2007 & 889/2008.

ECOA in 2014 phrased its own “Production Standards & control measures”. These adjusted standards accommodated the significant variations in agricultural conditions of Egypt compared to those of Europe. Specifically, they address issues that were raised throughout the application of EC regulations for production (834/2007) and control measures (889/2008), as well as those raised during the annual surveillance audits conducted by the accreditation body (DAkkS, Germany).

The complete document; "ecoa Production Standard and Control Measures" (110 Pages, PDF Icon, 9,912kb), can be downloaded here. As detailed in the Document, ecoa standards & control measures used for certification include the following:

  • Registration of the applicants
  • Recognition of the start of the conversion period
  • The approval of new inputs
  • Retroactive recognition of conversion times
  • Use of conventional seeds, seedlings and vegetative propagation materials
  • Deviating fertilizers and plant protection agents
  • Deviating criteria for the separation between conventional and organic production units
  • Information about the schedule of production of crop products (production plan)
  • Inspection of conventional production units
  • Fulfillment of the notification requirements to the control body in case of parallel production of perennial crops
  • Notification requirements about changes in the description of the production unit
  • Inspection visits (announced & Unannounced)
  • Sampling and analysis in case of suspect of the use of prohibited substances
  • Deviating bookkeeping requirements, missing or deficient documents
  • Deficient financial records and calculation of flow of products
  • Deviations from the sealing and closing requirements during transport
  • Information exchange between control bodies and authorities
  • Duty to inform the customers when the reference to the organic production method were withdrawn from an affected lot in case of irregularities
  • Inclusion of operators in the certification program
  • Publication of a list of certified operators
  • Acceptance of the organic status of suppliers certified by other certification bodies with different organic certification programs (different production standards or certification systems)

Download full ecoa Production Standards and Control Measures (110 Pages, PDF Icon, 9,912kb)

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