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Who We Are

ECOA encompasses a team of eminent experts and specialized staff in the field of organic farming and quality management. ECOA contributes to the development of international organic farming practices under Egyptian conditions. Along the years, ECOA fortified its activities, leading to its recognition by the international community of organic farming.

ECOA Timeline, 1998 to 2015
ECOA Timeline; 1998 to 2015
ECOA Geographical Domain

ECOA currently inspects and certifies production and handling operations inside Egypt. However, having the largest market share in organic certification in Egypt, ECOA is considering future expansion of its activities to cover operations in Africa and the Middle East regions.

ecoa Organizational Chart
ecoa Organizational Chart
ECOA Staff

ECOA employs a group of qualified and recognized specialists in the fields of organic agriculture production, inspection, certification as well as quality management systems. Senior staff are Ph.D. holders in their fields of specialization. All ECOA inspectors are B.Sc. graduates from the faculties of agriculture of the recognized Egyptian universities.

In 2015, ECOA has become ISO 17065-accreditd, and the Quality Management System of ECOA has been updated accordingly. ECOA is also included in the third country list of the EU equivalent system under registration number EG-BIO-164.

Egyptian Center of Organic Agriculture (ECOA)
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